30" Potted Grass w/Glazed Vase

30Left to its own devices, grass will grow into a beautiful, wispy plant. And at Nearly Natural, we’ve captured that beauty with this striking, 30” tall selection that will have you pining for a windswept field on a summer afternoon. Soft green stalks sprout wildly from the beautiful glazed vase, making this the perfect way to bring a little “whimsical” into your home or office. Certainly you’ve seen decorative grass at a nursery or home center – now you can have that beauty year round’, and never worry about watering.

Height - 30 in
Width - 24 in
Depth - 24 in
Pot size - W: 7 in, H: 8 in
Item NumberNamePrice
025-281730" Potted Grass w/Glazed Vase48.95