Zamioculcas w/Vase Silk Plant

Zamioculcas w/Vase Silk PlantCommonly called the "eternity plant", you'll never have to worry about this strikingly attractive Zamioculcas losing its leaves during the winter months. A native of Africa, this tropical beauty contains an assortment of lush varying length stems. A delicately designed pattern of alternate leaves grace each colorful stalk. At 27 inches high, this arrangement makes a nice dining room table centerpiece. A vintage styled vase creates a flattering contrast to the abundant green foliage.

Height - 27 in
Width - 27 in
Depth - 16 in
Pot size - W: 5.5 in, H: 7.75 in
Item NumberNamePrice
025-2861Zamioculcas w/Vase Silk Plant51.95