Cralor Calorie and Heart Rate Watch

Cralor Calorie and Heart Rate WatchThe Calorie and Heart Rate Watch by CRALOR is a unique watch that can calculate the calories burned while exercising and the heart rate....without the use of a chest strap. Here's how it works. When you first open The Calorie and Heart Rate Watch, you will set the date and time, your age, weight and sex. This information is stored in the watch's Internal Counter. When you begin exercising, you simply start the watch's internal counter. When you are finished, you simply stop the counter, press SET and touch the sensor (very lightly). It's that easy. Based on your preset information, the time on the counter and your heart rate, which touching the sensor will give you, The Calorie and Heart Rate Watch is able to determine how many calories you have burned during your workout, whether running, walking, etc.

And, THAT IS NOT ALL! The Calorie and Heart Rate Watch also contains the following features:

1. Time and Calendar.
2. Daily Alarm and Hourly Chime.
3. Chronograph (stop watch) with split lap time.
4. Exercise Counter with automatic manual override calorie counter.
5. External Pulse Mode for determining heart rate anytime.
6. Bike Mount.
7. Water-Resistant
8. EL Backlight (To see the dial in the dark).

Complete easy-to-understand instructions are enclosed. Each watch comes packaged in an individual descriptive corrugated box with internal plastic protector and weights about 6 ounces.
Item NumberNamePrice
016-1808Cralor Calorie and Heart Rate Watch36.95