Drive Alert Master

Drive Alert MasterIt is an electronic sleep warning device for motorists, machinery operators, even miners---Just about EVERYBODY! The Drive Alert Master can help save lives! It only takes a split second to doze off at the while driving, when operating equipment and near any surroundings where dozing off would be dangerous. No longer is it necessary to take such risks! If the driver starts to doze off and his head starts to drop ever so slightly, The Drive Alert Master sounds a sleep stopping alarm. It rests comfortably over the ear. It is made of lightweight high impact plastic and includes a button type battery that can be easily replaced. It is packaged in a colorful descriptive clamshell package with easy instructions. It fits easily into a pocket or purse. It's the perfect gadget for car safety and roadway safety. It makes a great travel and vacation gadget.
Item NumberNamePrice
016-1807Drive Alert Master21.39