Pickleball Standards

Pickleball StandardsPickle-Ball is a paddle game played with wood paddles and a plastic, perforated ball over a tennis height net on a badminton size court, 20’ x 44’. This game is ideal for small spaces. P.E. teachers use the game of Pickle-Ball as a lead up game for teaching racquet skills. Attach the Pickle-Ball net in the GA120P or GA121P sets to your own volleyball/badminton standards. The new portable set (GA122P) can be set up on any hard surface such as playgrounds and small gyms. Set up in 10 minutes on any hard surface.

Two water fillable base standards with 2 rubber stoppers, 2 net posts with couplings, 1 lightweight net, 4 sticks of chalk for lines & rules.
Item NumberNamePrice
028-3342Pickleball Standards248.95