12 Lb Weighted Waist Belt
15 Lb Weighted Waist Belt
18 Lb Weighted Waist Belt
Weighted Jacket-Medium
Weighted Jacket-Large
Adjust.Ankle/Waist Wt-2lb
Adjust.Ankle/Waist Wt-5lb
Adjust.Ankle/Waist Wt-10#
Wall Chinning Bar, 40"
Adj. Wall Chinning Bar
Adj. Wall Mount Chin Bar
Jump Soles - Small(5-7)
Jump Soles - Medium(8-10)
Jump Soles - Large(11-14)
Jump Soles X-Lg (15+)_
Stretching Strap
Lateral Stepper-Xlight
Lateral Stepper-Light
Lateral Stepper-Light/Med
Lateral Stepper-Medium
Lateral Stepper-Med/Heavy
Econo Rebound/Jog Exer.
Air Bike
Recumbent Bike
10 Lb. Weighted Wais.Belt
Weight Vest-Medium
Pursuit 4.0 Dx Cycle
Deluxe Ball Tree Rack
Double Tree Rack
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr. Of 1#
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr. Of 2#
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr. Of 3#
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr. Of 4#
V.Coat Dumb. Pr.Of 5#
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr.Of 6#
V.Coat Dumbells-Pr.Of 7#
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr.Of 8#
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr. Of 9#
V.Coat Dumbell-Pr. Of 10#
Fit Strip-5' Very Light
Fit Strip - 5' Light
Fit Strip - 5' Medium
Fit Strip-5' Heavy Res
Fit Strip 150' Rl - Vl
Fit Strip 150' Rl - Lt
Fit Strip 150' Rl - Md
Fit Strip 150' Rl - Hvy
Xertube-Very Light-Yellow
Bulk Tubing 25' Yellow
Bulk Tubing 25' Green
Bulk Tubing 25' Red
Bulk Tubing 25' Blue
Ultra Toner-Yellow
Ultra Toner-Green-Light
Ultra Toner-Red-Medium
Ultra Toner-Blue-Heavy
Ultra Toner Purp. U.Heavy
Reebok 5-Position Step
Wobble Board
Fitball Delx 19"Wobblebrd
Fitness Weighted Ball-3lb
Fitness Weighted Ball-5lb
Fitness Weighted Ball-8lb
Gel Medicine Ball-2lb
Gel Medicine Ball-4lb
Gel Medicine Ball-7lb
Gel Medicine Ball-11lb
Gel Medicine Ball-15lb